Success story of Simonas

40-year-old Simonas has been working a management job for a long time, but due to the health issues, he had to turn down the job he had. Since the restoration of health took a long period of time, Simonas had no opportunity to return to the former work. Despite the fact that the man would be looking for a job on his own, a long recess in their professional road had certain consequences – job search has not been successful. But our team has not unreachable task, so the Simonas’ situation has not become a challenge which we could not take: upon the evaluation of the strengths and giving advice which once again return Simonas’ his self confidence, we shortly could enjoy the results of the search – the man has been currently continuing his professional road in one of the construction companies, where he has a position of work manager. Today Simonas says as if that long and and depressing recess has never occurred – a man can once again enjoy professional achievements, realize himself as a manager and be useful.