Success story of Mantas

36-year-old Mantas had been working in the field of trade for a long time, but suddenly he wanted to challenge himself not as a seller – consultant of construction materials, but get involved into world of construction works and experience himself what is like to be a constructor. Personal qualities appeared suitable for this job, theoretical knowledge had been acquired in the trainings, and the desire was very strong. Although this combination had to guarantee success, it would not happen this way – today we may just guess what Mantas did not have: a greater initiative in the search for a job, presenting himself as a successful employee or simply a good luck – the man would not find a job, so he addressed us. Upon getting acquainted with the candidate and after the evaluation of the skills and expectations we provided several job offers, and the easy work has to be done by choosing one of them. Mantas’ decision did not take a lot of time but was very successful – the man has been working in the construction company for couple of years and says that he is content with the stability, great salary and he states that he has found his place under the sun.