Success story of Gabriele

Gabrielė is a 36-year-old project manager A number of people considers an idea to go abroad for a work – it is thought a perfect opportunity not only get acknowledged with another culture and people but also improve the knowledge of foreign languages and enrich one’s life with new connections and new images. For sure, it must be agreed with the advantage of such a decision, but it also must be noticed that such fateful changes of life have another side as well – this has been experienced by 36-year-old Gabrielė: she had been working as a project manager in her native land successfully for a number of years and she decided to enrich her routine with new, light colours and went to work to Germany. Since everything went well, the main reason why Gabrielė decided to come back home was the home sickness. It is easy to notice that 4 years is not so short period of break, and especially if we speak about the professional activities of a person. It has been very unsuccessful for Gabrielė – she was unable to find a job of project manager for two years, which she had been working before going to Germany. But the one must not give up in such cases – you may remember that you are not alone. Gabrielė has done it and decided to come to us. After hearing her story, we firstly could not believe that such an educated woman, who has experience and is communicative, is unable to find a job she likes, so we decided to solve this puzzle as soon as possible. This has been done really quickly – after a half a month from the first visit, we were to congratulate Gabrielė with the position of project manager.