About us

Hessen Group is a fast growing group of companies in Europe. Firmly rooted in the German market, we cooperate with the most prosperous companies in this market.

We work purposefully – meet various international companies need for human resources and in their professional selections provide targeted, properly paid jobs for specialists.

Our core values ​​– responsibility to customers and employees, integrity, professional collaboration, effective solutions, responsibility and continuous improvement. It is these values ​​allows us to achieve the set goals.


We are aiming to ensure customer needs flexibility and quality. For each client, we strive to provide the individual human resource solutions for each employee – the best conditions of employment.


Our values ​​are primarily oriented to the man – an employee because of motivated specialist is a key component in any successful functioning.

Responsibility – it is honorable and fair treatment of customers, trust-based cooperation with partners, social responsibility to man and society.

Integrity – provides a basis for long-term cooperation between the partners and to promote trust between the employer and the employee.

Professionalism – is the accumulated knowledge and the constant pursuit of improvement, sharing their knowledge and experience with partners, colleagues and customers.

Effective solutions – always strive to ensure that our decisions are correct and effective.