Success story of Martyna

The society has a stereotype that the business of catering services is suitable only for young people, while slightly older people cannot find heir place in this niche. However, the real situation is completely different, and 43-year-old Martyna is the best example of it: a woman who had successfully completed the training in the area of catering services, was looking for a job for a long time on her own. However, the professional knowledge, responsibility, diligence and sociability would not assure the victory – the woman had been waiting for the offers for along time, until one day, upon the recommendation by her relatives, decided to come to us. Today Martyna considers that day as one of the best and most memorable as it has brought excellent changes. In couple of weeks Martyna was working as a waitress in one of the cafe’s. This job allowed not only to use the theoretical knowledge obtained at the time of the training but also to find out a number of refinements in the catering institution which did a big part in achieving the professional growth. The latter one has been very intensive indeed – today the woman is a successful head of the café and the team of dozen: the employees, upon noticing precisely accurate, qualitative and responsible work done by Martyna, offered her a highest position available. Today Martyna enjoys the best time in her life.